Nader 2004 Presidential Exploratory Committee

Ralph wants to know:

In the 2004 election, should these issues be part of the debate?

  1. Full public financing of public elections with the necessary, broad changes for a more fair and representative election process, replacing present charades;
  2. A responsive political system to expand the civic energies of the American people by, among other ways, facilitating the banding together of workers, consumers, taxpayers, small investors, and communities.
  3. A serious drive to abolish poverty using long-known policies;
  4. Universal health insurance -- single payer embracing prevention, quality and cost controls;
  5. A living wage for the tens of millions of workers making less than $10 an hour -- many full time workers at $5.15, $6, $7, $8, and long overdue labor rights reform;
  6. An adequately funded crackdown on corporate crimes, fraud and abuse that have cheated trillions of dollars from taxpayers, investors, pension holders and consumers, plus specific corporate reforms;
  7. A comprehensive and determined nurturing of the physical and educational needs of children;
  8. Reform of the criminal injustice system and defense of the precious pillars of our democracy -- civil liberties, civil rights and civil remedies for wrongful injuries -- which are under relentless assault by corporate interests and the present government;
  9. A multi-faceted foreign policy to wage multilateral peace and promote arms control, plus utilizing the many assets of our country's knowledge base to lift prospects for the impoverished people abroad;
  10. A redirected federal budget for the crucial priorities of our country and away from the massive waste, fraud and redundancy of what President Eisenhower called the "military-industrial complex," as well as the massive costs of corporate welfare;
  11. The crisis of commercial food, water, and diet policies, in addition to agribusiness domination over dwindling, rural, small farm economies;
  12. The need for renewable energy and energy efficiency, instead of costly oil, gas and nuclear boondoggles;
  13. The housing problem for the millions of households who can't afford the rents or can't escape gentrification and sprawl;
  14. The relief of highway congestion and the promotion of modern public transit;
  15. The pull-down effect of corporate globalization on labor, the environment, consumers and our democratic processes.
  16. The consequences of media concentration over our public airwaves.
  17. Let us know what you think!